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Security Lobby

India is a vulnerable country which is exposed to various threats and challenges related with security. Security is one of the major concerns for common man in the current scenario. Because of this Private security industry is growing at a faster rate than expected which is 18-20% annually. According to the FICCI-Grant Thornton Report on Private Security Services in India, 2015, the Indian security services industry is expected to grow exponentially, at a rate of 20% over the next few years and is expected to reach INR 800 billion by 2020.

Due to low police-civilian ratio, there is a potential growth prospect for Private Security industry. The main drawback or a challenge in this sector is its unorganized structure or nature. Only 25% of this sector is organized which leaves a scope for this industry to explore and try out various measures to make it more organized and structured.

Keeping the above facts in mind, Security Lobby has entered the security market as one of the first online security solution provider in India. The company provides complete security solution for corporates and individuals. This website provides complete database of trained Guards which will enable organizations, individuals and recruitment portals to have an access to related information of Security Guards. This Security Guard Recruitment Portal has also made it easy for you to hire security guard under your parole. The research team has collected data of thousands of guards from across India from where you can easily find the guards of your preference with the help of customize search and the information available along with the rating.

Another attraction of this portal is Ex Force Recruitment, which enables individuals from defense background to look for jobs and similarly the corporates who are looking for someone with similar background can hire through security job portal.

Now coming back to how this website will help in contributing towards making the sector more organized. We have a separate section of Security Lobby – LMS on our website which offers wide range of courses for individuals who are trying to make their career in this industry or those who wants to study security as a subject. Security Lobby Learning Management System enhances knowledge and experience related to security industry.

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How to register on security lobby?

Step-1- Go to the browser on your Mobile or laptop

Step-2- Go to

Step-3-On the right top corner, click on the Employer zone.  Direct link:

Step-4- If you are new then click on the Register option.

Step-5- Fill the given form

Step-6- Verify your contact number with OTP.

Step-7- Click on create account.

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